Medical Records Scanning

Scanning paper-based medical records and charts

A necessary step in implementing your electronic medical records program, DataSavers' Medical Records Scanning provides accurate, rapid, and cost effective document conversion services.

We will convert your paper files to digital images and index them per your requirements, resulting in easy access and retrieval, so you can focus on your clinical priorities.

Types of Medical Records We Scan:

  • Patient Records
  • Medical Charts
  • Insurance Bills
  • Explanation of Benefits (EOBs)
  • Ambulance Call Reports
  • And Much More


Datasavers Healthcare Solutions

We offer patient charts conversion services either on-site or off-site. Our primary goal is to provide a seam-less transition from paper to “paperless," allowing you to provide uninterrupted patient care. Our imaging specialists have all the required experience to move through the process quickly and accurately. Our systematic process includes:

1. Conducting a site visit, review and analysis

Unfortunately, every medical office, clinic and hospital are not identical. Though similarities exist, our management team will go on-site to understand the complexities and nuances of your document workflow to prevent any latent obstructions that will impact positive results for your medical facility.

2. Conduct an inventory

Our team will inventory your information and provide a detailed tracking manifest of all of the information we've received. This enables us to quickly and easily access a patient chart if it's needed during the medical record scanning process. It also provides a preprocess inventory used as a quality control measure to reconcile with post conversion output.

3. Document Preparation

Preparing medical records for scanning is a time-consuming part of the process. Our experts will remove all staples and fasteners, repair any ripped or torn pages, and carefully sort out the different sections of a patient chart, ensuring that you can access the information you need, when you need it.

4. Imaging

Our high speed document imaging department is equipped with technologically advanced equipment that can provide excellent data capture and character recognition services. Each page can have an imprinted DCN (Document Control Number) ensuring a 100% conversion rate.

5. Quality Control

When scanning medical records, and specifically patient charts, quality control is essential. We review every image to ensure readability and quality. Each image is carefully analyzed to ensure that nothing is missed during the scanning process, and our indexing metrics target a 99% accuracy rate.

6. Indexing

We'll work with your EMR (Electronic Medical Record) or EHR (Electronic Health Records) vendor to ensure that we can capture and tag your charts with all of the pertinent information so that you can access the scanned images through your software. We can index your files based on last visit, medical record number, first and last name, and any other information necessary.

7. Importing your data into your EMR or EHR system

DataSavers ensures compatibility and integration with the export and import of imaged data to your EMR or EHR platform. Your backfile conversion will merge with current images providing a seamless medical record database for easy access, secure control and full HIPAA compliance.

8. Inventory of your documents and disposition

Medical organizations may want to preserve the physical paper for unforeseen historical or legal issues, or for other internal business controls. DataSavers offers secure medical record storage to archive your information for as long as it's needed.